On-line ticketing


Subscribe online from 16th March

Reduced prices available, limited to 1 ticket per person per concert. The subscription is strictly individual and non transferable.
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Step 1 : Create your account and purchase your first ticket.
Step 2 : Then you can purchase your other tickets : click on “Complete your subscription on-line”.
Once you have your account, you can buy your tickets at any time, subject to availability.

Your subscription card must be collected from the festival ticket desk :
-before the festival, at Les Unelles Centre reception desk, Coutances (2 rue St Maur)
-throughout the festival, the ticket desk is located in the foyer of Coutances theatre (10.00-12.00 am, 2.00-10.30 pm/except Sunday and Monday : 2.00-8.30 pm)

Complete your subscription on-line

Once you have opened your account, you can sign in and purchase more tickets at any time, subject to availability.

Without subscription

Buy tickets without subscribing from Saturday 30th March

Subscriptions, passes and all other types of tickets can be bought on-line. They can be collected from the festival ticket desk.

Buy a "Pass" ticket

The “pass” is a special priced formula to see 2/3 concerts on the same day.
The “pass” can be bought from Saturday 14th April, either on-line or from the ticket desk.
To get a “pass” on-line, click on “Subscribe” below, enter your login and your password and scroll on the menu “Formule”.