From Saturday 16th March to Friday 29th March  inclusive :
The ticket desk is open only for people wanting to take out a subscription and for works councils (grouped orders).
Unique point of sale : Coutances (Les Unelles Centre reception desk or by post) and on-line on our website.

From Saturday 30th March :
The ticket desk is open to everyone. Subscriptions, Passes and all other types of ticket can be bought at Coutances and on our web site
Tickets without subscription can be bought by phone from 30th March, by credit card, on +33 (0)2 33 76 78 68

Caution :
► as we have limited gauges, some concerts are sold out each year  before the ticket desk opening outside subscriptions.
► on 30th March, tickets bought at the desk will take priority over tickets bought by mail.
Only for tickets sold at full price or special price for young people, students and unemployed : E.Leclerc, Auchan, Cultura, Cora,

Opening times for the Coutances ticket desk

► Before the festival, at Les Unelles (rue St Maur) Centre reception desk: from Monday to Friday, 9 AM till 12AM and 1:30 PM till 5:30 PM, Saturday from 10 AM till 12AM and 2PM till 4:30PM (open from 9AM on 31th March and 14th April).

► Throughout the festival, the ticket desk is located in the foyer of Coutances theatre from 10AM till 12AM and from 2PM till 10:30PM (except Sunday and Monday, 2PM till 8:30PM).

► For concerts held at the Magic Mirrors, Cinema, Cathedral, Cave des Unelles, tickets sold on site 30 minutes beforehand.


To subscribe, simply buy an €20 subscription card, then you can benefit from the reduced price N.1 (3rd column of the order form) with a maximum of 1 ticket per concert, the subscription being strictly individual.

You do not have to buy all your tickets at the subscriber price at the same time.

The reduced subscription

For young people under 20, students under 26, unemployed and persons receiving minimum social benefits.
Same principle as for the subscription, except that the subscription card is free and that you must buy at least 3 tickets, directly to the reduced price N.2 (4th column of the order form).
You also get purchasing priority (until 29th March). All concerts – except “Dimanche en fanfares”  – can be considered to get this subscription.

Caution ! You’ll have to present a recent proof (less than 3 months old) to get your tickets


This pass allows the holder to see two concerts one after the other at a reduced price. The Pass tickets are explained on the order form at the end of the schedules for each day.

Online ticketing

Tickets will not be posted. They must be collected from the festival ticket desk (upon presentation of proof for reduced prices).

Seating plan in salle Marcel-Hélie

Choose your zone : you can be seated on the ground floor, on the tier (located on the background of the ground floor) or on the first floor. Each zone has its own entrance. Tickets for the first floor are 2€ cheaper.

Additional details about ticketing

► Tickets bought by mail
Complete the order form and send it with your payment to:
Jazz sous les pommiers, Les Unelles, BP 524, F-50205 COUTANCES CEDEX.
Tickets will not be sent back automatically. They will be kept in an envelope labelled with your name which you can collect at the ticket desk.
To receive your tickets by registered mail, please add €4.22 to your order.

► Works council: tickets may only be bought in bulk and in accordance with special rules and prices. Call Béatrice Touchais on +33 (0)2 33 76 78 53.

► Young people (under 20), students (under 26), the unemployed, persons receiving minimum social benefits: from 30th March, the reduced ticket price 1 is available upon presentation of a proof less than 3 months old (if you purchase tickets by mail, send a photocopy of your proof and show the original when you collect your tickets).

► Seating: seating is not numbered in any of the venues. All venues are seated, except the concerts of the “Dimanche en fanfares”, the “Nuit Electro sous les pommiers” and some of the Magic Mirrors concerts (especially those of the evening).

► Welcome for disabled people: when purchasing your tickets, leave a mobile phone number so we can call you before the concert and help you get to the concert hall.

► For “Dimanche en fanfares”, subscribers may purchase tickets for children accompanying them from 8th April.
Reminder: for “Dimanche en fanfares” only, children under 6 do not require a ticket.

► Caves des Unelles: free admission from 11PM to 3AM. DJs sets are free but you have to buy a ticket for concerts.

► Refunds: tickets will neither be refunded nor exchanged.